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Autobiography & Memoir Writing Workshop:
The Writer’s Momentum

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with Cheryl Chaffin, MFA, Ph.D.
English Faculty, Cabrillo College.

Wednesdays, 6:00-9:00pm

Join this group of multi-level writers to create new writing and develop writing in progress from life material.

  • Bring energy and confidence to your writing.

  • Learn how to make space for writing practice.

  • Engage in weekly writing exercises.

  • Develop a writing project.

  • Explore memoirs, essays, poems, & digital and photographic stories.

  • Discover the forms autobiographical writing has taken over centuries.

  • Find the voice & style that fits your life material & experience now.

View the course on the Cabrillo Website, and scroll for 12E or 14E.
Register for English 12E or 14E. If you are a new or newish writer, try English 12E. If you have been writing fora while or want to work on a specific writing project, register for English 14E. Each course is 3.0 units and provides transfer credit to CSU and UC. Questions? Curiosities? Contact Cheryl at